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After multiple requests for a contract template… here it is!


Cover all your bases with my incredibly detailed and editable client contract template, drafted specifically for wedding and event floral professionals!


This is the exact contract template I use for every client I book. I have spent countless hours tweaking and editing this template to include all kinds of scenarios that wedding and event floral professionals may face.


Easily personalize and format this template to suit the individual needs of your floral business.


Once the template is edited, save it as a PDF - which can then easily be read, signed, and returned via email by clients.


The information contained within this template can also be easily transferred into an online contract sending/signing platform like HoneyBook or DocuSign.


I’ve also attached an instructional pamphlet so you know exactly how to go about editing and sending the contract template to fit your unique brand and needs!




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Did you know that before you book clients and send out contracts, you need to qualify clients first? Check out the shop page to snag the Client Questionnaire Template + Instructional Pamphlet! It is another one of the main tools that allows me to consistently blow client expectations out of the water, and why I have NEVER (yes, never) had to work with a single difficult couple in my entire floral career - even in the beginning!



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Contract Template -- for PC

  • What's Included in This Download:

    - 9 page, highly comprehensive and detailed client contract template,