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When you send a design proposal out to a prospective wedding client, it’s got to be both beautiful and practical… easy to look at, yet also incredibly thoughtful and detailed. It’s got to grab the couple’s attention, pull them in, and make them FEEL the vibe you’re planning for their special day, right to their core. Creating an emotional connection here is key.


I have had dozens of couples tell me my proposal document got them teary eyed, and that they could truly visualize their special day coming together perfectly, all because of this document. I know how well it works… which is why I’m offering it to you.


This beautiful, customizable template includes everything you need to start sending polished and professional proposals to your clients right away.


This template features an example wedding, with descriptions of the aesthetic and color palette, and detailed descriptions and prices for each line item. It is broken down into easy-to-read categories, and itemizes all the little details like rental items, payments, and personal contact information for your couple, the wedding day point of contact, and you.


Every detail of this template is customizable to you and your brand. Simply replace my branding with your own using Microsoft Word software, choose fonts from your web copy that you would like to include, select your own brand colors and photos, type in your own descriptions and item details, and voila!


You will also find an added instructional pamphlet (attached), which includes tips, tricks, and my personal musings as they relate to the template. I hope you find this helpful and supportive for building proposals for every couple who inquires with you about wedding florals.


— — —


Did you know that before you send proposals you need to qualify clients first? Check out the shop page to snag the Client Questionnaire Template + Instructional Pamphlet! It is another one of the main tools that allows me to consistently blow client expectations out of the water, and why I have NEVER (yes, never) had to work with a single difficult couple in my entire floral career - even in the beginning!


Photos used in this template have been sourced from the internet purely for inspirational purposes, and are not the property of Eleven Blooms Floral Studio, LLC.



* Property of Eleven Blooms Floral Studio, LLC *

Proposal Template -- for PC

  • What's Included in This Download:

    - 8 page, highly comprehensive and detailed client proposal template, in digital format

    - Instructional pamphlet with tips and tricks for optimal usage

  • Refund/Exchange Policy:



  • File Type/Download Format

    Microsoft Word Document for PC Users

  • Digital Product Agreement:

    By completing your purchase of this product you hereby consent to the attached Digital Product Agreement (located under product images), with your purchase acting as your digital signature. 


    Company hereby grants to Client one (1) exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, license to use the Product. Client understands and agrees that the Product materials may not be shared with any third party.

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