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Q + A 

Frequently Asked Questions

◈   Do you offer specific packages, or is everything customized? 

We do not offer pre-determined packages. Every design we do is completely customized to our couples, their personalities, preferences, and the unique aesthetic of their day. 


◈   What is the minimum required investment? 

The minimum investment for weddings is currently $7,000. For quotes on other events, editorials, or custom projects please reach out. 

◈   How many weddings or events will you schedule on the same day? 

We only take on one wedding per weekend, or per day, so we can provide the highest level of intentionality and service to each of our lovely couples. 

◈   How can you help me maximize my budget?

There are so many creative ways to ensure that you get the most out of your beautiful blooms, both aesthetically and financially. Depending on your unique situation, style, and the designs desired, we have many suggestions on how you can get the very most for your budget. To learn more about how we can help you specifically, please reach out. 

◈   How far in advance should I secure your services? 

If you know your date it is not too early! For all wedding vendors, including us, the post-Covid wedding boom is in full swing. In order to get all of the delayed weddings rescheduled, many vendors are booking up to two years in advance or more. Currently, all of our 2023 slots are already spoken for, and we are now actively booking for 2024. 


If you have vendors that you love, and you want to make sure they can be a part of your day, please go ahead and secure their services as soon as you feel comfortable in doing so. 

◈   Can you recreate others' designs? 

Mother Nature does not make any two flowers alike, therefore it is impossible to recreate designs in an identical manner. It is possible however, to use photos of others' work purely for inspiration of colors, flower types, style, and design. We believe that everything about your wedding should be just as distinctive as you are. Allow your flowers to express your unique love and personality! You are not a copy of someone else, and your flowers shouldn't be either. 

◈   What if I change my mind about my colors or style after booking? 

It's totally fine! We will not be bothered by this. Your day should be everything you're imagining, and if you decide to change your mind about colors, designs, style, etc., or anything else, that is absolutely alright. We will be working closely with you throughout the entirety of your planning process to make sure that every detail accurately reflects your vision.  

◈   When are my payments due? 

A 30% retainer payment (which reserves your date) is due upon booking and contract signing. 

Your remaining balance is due four weeks prior to your wedding date, which is also when we finalize all designs and order your florals. 

◈   Are there delivery, setup, transfer, and strike fees? 

Yes. These fees vary depending on your individual circumstances.


Delivery fees are based on distance, time, difficulty, and type and number of delivery vehicles required.


Setup fees are dependent on complexity and the time it takes to set up all of your florals. Any on-site design, installs, or labor required are also taken into consideration.


Transfer fees are usually for couples who want to get the most use out of their ceremony florals by having them relocated elsewhere after the ceremony. Transfer fees are typically minimal, and are meant to cover the time and labor involved to relocate and/or reconfigure designs.


Strike (or tear down) is also dependent on complexity, time of day, and time and labor required. If you are having a smaller event with minimal setup, you may be able to have your strike fees waived. If you think this could apply to you, please let us know so we can discuss your options. 

◈   I'm interested in floral preservation, do you have any recommendations?

Yes, we absolutely do. It is highly recommended that you book any floral preservation services as soon as you can. These artists book up fairly far in advance just like any other vendor. Here are a few artists we are loving:


     -  Flower Press Studio (@flowerpressstudio_ on Instagram) - pressed art

     -  Flowers of the Press (@flowersofthepress on Instagram) - pressed art

     -  Petal Press Decor (@petalpressdecor on Instagram) - pressed art

     -  Refinery Floral (@refinery.floral on Instagram) - dimensional dried artworks

     -  Flora + Lee (@floraleeart on Instagram) - resin work

     -  Posy Floral (@posy.floral on Instagram) - resin work

     -  Colorado Resin Florals (@coloradoresinflorals on Instagram) - resin work


◈   I'm interested. How do I start the process

The best way to start the inquiry and/or booking process is to fill out the inquiry form on the "Inquire" page of this website. As soon as you send in an official inquiry, you will receive an email containing our initial client questionnaire. This questionnaire is very important for everyone. It allows us to get to know our couples and their needs on a personal level, and it gives us a deep understanding of the desired aesthetic for the wedding day. Please fill it out with as many specifics as you can. Remember, it's all in the details!


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