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What We're About

At Eleven Blooms, we  joyfully  create fine art wedding florals using careful intentionality and mindful attention to detail with every stem placement. Our signature aesthetic is  artful  in nature,  textural  by design, and organically  raw  feeling, because we create after nature… lending an overall  distinctive  yet effortlessly natural quality to all of our floral  artworks . You will find, many times our work includes the use of unexpected elements in addition to the most pristine, lush blooms of the highest quality . The wildness and rawness of incorporating interesting materials lends a depth and  whimsy  to our work that is difficult to achieve with the use of purely conventional blooms alone. We feel that the  contrast  of putting expected elements together with unexpected elements somehow creates  perfect  pairings every time. Doesn't the unconventional make life so much more  interesting ?


Our goal is to bring your vision to life using our truly  unique  floral style, and in doing so, create an atmosphere of  love , warmth, gratitude, and connection to surround you and your loved ones. At Eleven Blooms we know just how much having the right florals can impact the overall  feeling  of a wedding, and we would be so honored to help create an  unforgettable  experience for you and your guests. We are incredibly  passionate  about what we do and the creative ways in which we are able to use  flowers  to beautifully express your unique love story. 


We are so  thrilled  you are considering working with us for what is sure to be one of the most  memorable  days of your life together. Don’t you think your flowers should express the  importance  of that? We absolutely do! 


When you’re ready, fill out the short contact form on the Inquire page of our website to get in touch. We can’t wait to hear from you .

- Allison Jemeson


About Allison (Founder & Lead Florist):

Allison is a weeds-rummaging, trail-hiking, always-foraging, sun-worshipping, star-gazing, yoga-flowing, adventure-loving, fun-seeking, beach-craving, operating room nurse with an art background, turned floral artisan. She lives and works in Broomfield, Colorado with her husband Greg, son Asher, and dog-child Willow, and serves the greater Denver/Boulder area and beyond. Most importantly, she would love nothing more than to bring your wedding floral vision to life!

Feeling our vibe?

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