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Would you believe me if I told you I’ve never once had to deal with an unreasonable couple, or that I've never fallen short of meeting a client's expectations? Well believe it, because every word is true. And it’s not just luck either.


Qualifying potential clients in a thorough, intentional, and meaningful way is not discussed nearly enough in our industry, yet it is vital to your success and happiness as a wedding florist!


Interested in a simple method that will help you increase your wedding bookings, grow your business, exceed client expectations every single time, and most importantly — insure that all of your couples are truly a perfect fit for YOU? Then I've got you covered! My process is easy to implement, and you can start using it effectively, right away.


I firmly believe this one particular template is what has saved me from countless tears and headaches, and so much stress and worry. It is one of the main tools that allows me to exceed client expectations time and time again, and why I have NEVER (yes, never) had to work with a single “bridezilla” in my entire floral career - even in the beginning!


Expertly qualifying prospective clients so you KNOW it’s going to be a perfect fit every time is not only just a strategy to save you from having to manage difficult couples; asking the right questions, and in the right ways will help you grow organically, will attract even more couples that will be incredible to work with, and will help you blow every client’s expectations way out of the water.


Furthermore, creating ideally harmonious matches between you and your clients will keep you feeling fulfilled in your work... and what a gift that is!


Along with the questionnaire template, you will also receive a bonus instructional pamphlet (attached), which is full of tips, tricks, and my personal musings as they relate to the questionnaire. I hope you find this helpful and supportive for qualifying every single couple who inquires with you about wedding florals.


* Property of Eleven Blooms Floral Studio, LLC *

Client Questionnaire Template + Bonus Instructional Pamphlet

  • What's Included in This Download:

    - 13 page, highly comprehensive and detailed client questionnaire template, in digital format

    - Sample welcome page and message

    - 5 page instructional pamphlet with tips and tricks for optimal usage

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  • Digital Product Agreement:

    By completing your purchase of this product you hereby consent to the attached Digital Product Agreement (located under product images), with your purchase acting as your digital signature. 

    Company hereby grants to Client one (1) exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable, license to use the Product. Client understands and agrees that the Product materials may not be shared with any third party.

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